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Lighting Outlet is Moving!

Posted on

For those that haven't heard, we're excited to announce that Lighting Outlet Denver is going to be moving! Beginning on Saturday, August 17th, we will be moving everything from our (not so conveniently located) Raritan Way showroom to our new space at 3400 South Broadway! (it's much more convenient... we promise!)

Ditch the Bedside Table Lamp

Posted on

From our own bedrooms to hotel rooms around the world, table lamps are the norm for bedside table lighting; they're conveniently within reach and provide light right where we need it. But by no means do they have to be the only option, especially if you're looking for a fresh new look in your bedroom.

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient and Save!

Posted on

President Obama addressed the country earlier this week and spoke about our need, and his goals, for reducing America's carbon emissions in the face of climate change. Regardless of your feelings on the president or climate change, making some environmentally conscious changes in your life is never a bad thing.

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Keys to Outdoor Lighting

Posted on

As we move into the summer months, we tend to spend a lot more time outside whether we're relaxing alone or entertaining guests. A day in the sunshine is always a great escape, but who says we have to hide indoors once the sun goes down? Thinking of your yard as another room can help you pick out the right lighting for any setting or occasion and let you take back the space for yourself.

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What's in a Chandelier?

Posted on

While they are synonymous with class today, chandeliers came from humble beginnings; originally used in churches and other gathering places, they often consisted of nothing more than two planks of wood with spikes (or prickets) at each end to hold a candle.


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Wall sconces are versatile fixtures that can be used throughout your home, for a number of lighting goals. The two main variables that effect the placement of a wall sconce are the style/type of the sconce itself, and the desired type of lighting.

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What Bulb Is Right for You?

Posted on

Here at Lighting Outlet, we have thousands of lights and lighting fixtures, all of which can give a different mood throughout your home or office. In addition to your choice of fixture, the bulb you use can also have a major effect on the look and feel provided. When it comes to bulbs, the sizes and styles are nearly endless, but there are 3 main types of bulbs for you to choose from (for now).

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Lighting Your Home - Task Lighting

Posted on

Each room in your home is different - and we're not just talking about the things inside them, though all of that plays a role. As uses vary in or between rooms, so does the desired mood, and lighting plays an important role in this, no matter where in the house your are. Your living room, for example, can be both a place for relaxation or entertainment–ranging from soft, warm light to bright, energetic lighting–while your bathroom is best suited for bright, clear lighting.

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